Issue #17 Fall 2023 RRS Magazine

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Resident Rock Star Magazine's Issue #17, released, Fall 2023, is a highly anticipated digital download for heavy metal and hard rock enthusiasts. The edition features a wide variety of bands ranging from the brutal stylings of Mudvayne and Cannibal Corpse to the fresh sounds of Human Paint and the intensity of Goat Hill Massacre. It offers content on diverse acts, including the atmospheric black metal of UADA, Ghost Bath, Cloak, and Helleborus, as well as high-energy performers like Maldevera, Torn From Existence, and Acid Sentence. The magazine covers the itchy-O Hallowmass performance, the She Wants Revenge Halloween Ball, and bands that craft unique experiences like Skeletal Remains, Hillbilly Riot, and Tighten. Thrash Hard City with Draghoria highlights the energetic thrash scene, and the Gates to Hell support “Make Them Beg For Death” tour with Dying Fetus. Additional features include a spotlight on Freakys Smoke Shop & Tattoo and the Metal Maidens of Metal Mondays. This issue is a comprehensive guide for fans looking to connect with the metal community's heart and soul in late 2023.

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